The law, in its beauty and complexity, provides a wonderful livelihood for the bright, curious, and compassionate. However, making the wrong job decisions early in their careers is a major reason that lawyers become unhappy and even hate the law as a profession. Get off to a good start.

I love to mentor young lawyers. My own career has been far different than what I anticipated. But I've found great satisfaction throughout most of my years, and, thanks to my wife, had the courage to leave a job that wasn't right for me.

As a mentor, I will give you unbiased advice. I will share my experience of 50 years in the law. I will answer your questions about your path, about how to reach your goals.

As a start, 10 points for your To-Do List

  1. Befriend those who can help you navigate the legal system.
  2. Take advantage of the opportunity to generate work from everyone you meet.
  3. Be aware of the flaws in the legal system.
  4. Trust the jury system, even with its flaws.
  5. Be ethical, no matter what.
  6. See the law as an art, not a science.
  7. Learn that short cross-examinations are more powerful than long ones.
  8. Beware of the professional "expert."
  9. Ask questions no matter how experienced you are.
  10. Find the niche that is right for you.

How to get in touch with me. Easily.

  1. Call me at 609-895-7245. Nine times out of 10, you'll get a live person or
  2. Text me at 609-240-1861 or
  3. Email me at or
  4. To get me thinking, fill out this form and hit SEND.

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Albert M. Stark