Every law firm reaches a plateau—usually more than once. And that's when I can help. I have a passion for excellence in the law and the experience to help you attain it. I experienced the evolution of Stark & Stark from a two-man family firm into a 114-lawyer firm.

I can help your firm:

  • Evolve your management structure. Whether you're a sole proprietor or  25-lawyer firm, you need form in order to function. 
  • Organize management responsibilities.
  • Manage time.
  • Apply marketing techniques. Yes, marketing -- they skipped that course in law school.
  • Stay updated.
  • Use technology judiciously, unexpectedly.
  • Develop new business.
  • Grow as attorneys.

As a start, here are 10 basics that develop business—over time.  

  1. Listen. If he's talking, you're probably winning. If you're talking, maybe not.
  2. When someone asks what you do, answer as if they'd asked, "What do you love to do?"
  3. Mobilize your partners to sell your firm.
  4. Join an organization. Be active in it.
  5. Keep building that strong contact base.
  6. Nurture clients personally. But know when to stand back.
  7. Connect with peers at client organizations. Always say hello.
  8. Cultivate references. There is no stronger ally.  
  9. Develop relationships you don't need, so they're there when you do.
  10. Do unto others. You know the rest.

Think about how I can move you beyond the plateau. How you'd like us to work together.

How to get in touch with me. Easily.

  1. Call me at 609-895-7245. Nine times out of 10, you'll get a live person or
  2. Text me at 609-240-1861 or
  3. Email me at or
  4. To get me thinking, fill out this form and hit SEND.

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Albert M. Stark